Courageous Conversations and Conflict Resolution

Learn the Keys to Effective Leadership Communication & Conflict Resolution

Communication levels the playing field

When you speak with confidence and skill, you stand out in so many ways. You provide clarity, confidence, build trust and achieve shared goals.

Conflict can escalate when communication fails. Disagreements across a team, department or business can quickly spiral out of control, causing anything from an unwelcome distraction to more serious damage, such as lower productivity, poor morale, an increase in absenteeism and high staff turnover. 

This advanced communication workshop uses proven conflict resolution and solution-focused communication models to transform the way you communicate with your team, colleagues and clients. Participants will build cooperative relationships, transforming habitual responses to communicate more effectively with others.













  • Learn to avoid potential pitfalls and risks of poor communication
  • Expand your range of communication skills with confidence in more situations
  • Build rapport with ease for more authentic professional relationships
  • Master difficult conversations to find win/win solutions
  • Feel calm when raising concerns and have others truly hear your needs 
  • Empower others to solve their own problems and develop further professionally 
  • Confidently resolve conflict in your team, organisation or with customers with confidence

Key Areas Covered:

  • Understanding how confidence works with the ‘confidence cycle’
  • How to think clearly when under pressure
  • Discover how you’re holding yourself back
  • Gain a ‘confidence on demand’  trigger to use in high pressure situations
  • Understanding state management – what it is and why it’s critical for success
  • Understanding, developing and owning your individual style
  • Create your personal high performance sales state to achieve the best results, when it counts
  • Deeper understanding of your unconscious biases and your inner story 
  • Action and accountability plan created

    Harvard Business Review, Dr Sunnie Giles

    Course Overview

    This workshop equips leaders and teams with the full range of tools to communicate effectively in any situation they encounter. You will learn and practise to be confident in identifying which communication tool to use in each specific situation.

    Why you should attend? 

    If you are a leader or want to take the next step to becoming a leader, plus you want to build supportive, meaningful personal and business relationships then this is the ideal course for you.


    This practical hands on workshop gets you to ‘take the reins’ in your learning which incorporates active discussions, key research, role-plays, exercises and participant sharing.

    Tools and skills are taught with a modern understanding, based on the latest research of how the brain learns. This delivers deeper learnings, insights and understanding for participants. 

    Support Material 

    A workbook is provided containing the key tools and techniques covered, to support you during and ideal to refer to after the course. This is a valuable on-going reference tool.

    “Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess”

          Richard Branson, Virgin

    Delivery Options:

    The workshop offers a number of options depending on your needs.  When we discuss your current challenges and goals we can discuss which option is best for you:

    • A single 4 – 8 hour, fully interactive session
    • 4 x 4 hour sessions, fully interactive sessions for additional skills and confidence.
    • Deep Dive:  3 full days,  fully interactive sessions for additional skills and confidence.


    Depending on numbers and location, workshop packages range from 3 – 15 k for your team.

    Leadership Coaching Option

    Developmental coaching sessions and team coaching are options to include to assist in taking these newly developed skills and expertise and optimise them to achieve your goals.

    Our Clients Achieve Real Results

    • ryan larraman Avatar
      ryan larraman

      Kelly Samson will help you discover your perfectly attuned self. Are you ready to live fully? To slay the habits that don't serve you or others around you? Receiving quality coaching is fascinating and gets results. Anyone who has had a decent coach in their life will attest to this. Kelly is decent, inside and out.

    • Felicia Eaves Avatar
      Felicia Eaves

      Kelly has helped tremendously by giving me the tools to be able to consolidate my ideas, as well as provide me with some real direction. This helps me greatly by bringing the belief that I can achieve my dreams and goals. Kelly provided me with confidence by changing my thought patterns to be more positive and not concentrating on the negative - I am now on the escalator going up rather than riding the ups and downs of a roller-coaster.

    • Anne Cotterell Avatar
      Anne Cotterell

      My experience of Kelly is his incredible capacity as a coach to hold a space where I can get real with myself, lower my defences and be challenged to see what is not always comfortable for me to see. Kelly challenges with compassion and listens intently. The learnings of myself and the growth I have gained through his coaching have been immense, and I expect there will be many more. I would highly recommend Kelly for those wanting a coaching partnership to help bring about positive change for themselves.

    • Susan Lee Avatar
      Susan Lee

      I chose to work with a coach as I have been working on my personal progress for a couple of years and I'm now in the space of redefining my self-employed professional future. Although ideas are easy, orchestrating the steps were, for me, a challenge due to my tendency to see "more as more" rather than "less as more". My possibilities seemed to bombard me and I wasn't seeing the way that would work for me. Brigette kept me focused on my target and offered a number of useful tools to keep my past demons from infiltrating into my progress. During our time together I was able to explore the options before me, which are broad, and narrow in on the best that suits utilizing my previous depth of experience. My goal was to create a platform from which I will live abroad, work in the specific niche area that I can authentically align with and enjoy creativity in my work alongside focused and defined professionalism. I had initially aimed to walk away from all areas of my previous professional experience. Brigette supported me to identify the pathway from there to a sustainable and strong future that gives me all that I want. I can now work towards to implementing this with purpose and passion. Brigette has been great to work alongside. She has been focused on my progress and knows the balance of time, when I might need a one-on-one connection with her, or space to get me to work further to find my own solutions. The goal of this after all is to move ahead courageously and independently. Thank you Brigette.

    • Cat Arnhold Avatar
      Cat Arnhold

      I started seeing Kelly 2 years ago and I can honestly say my outlook on life has changed immensely! Having experienced some difficult times I learnt how to deal with these with resilience and have really learnt so much more about myself. Pure Results Coaching is a program where you learn to be accountable and your most authentic self, things I was completely unaware of before! I 100% recommend this program if you want to work hard but see significant changes 🙂

    • Tim Farland Avatar
      Tim Farland

      Before meeting with Kelly I was stuck in a bit of a rut and my confidence was low. Six months later and I am pleased to say that my sessions with Kelly have resulted in a big swing in momentum and I now feel I am in much better control of all aspects in my life. Kelly was able to really tap into what was holding me back and getting to the root cause. I now have a clear vision of where I'm heading and am much more relaxed and less stressed. Kelly has helped show me how to enjoy the process of goal achievement and how to live with intent. I've become a better father, colleague and husband through my sessions with Kelly and I highly recommend what he offers.

    • Dom Driver Avatar
      Dom Driver

      I would heartily recommend Kelly at Pure Results. I received a 10 session course of life-coaching with Kelly for my 40th birthday, and it was the perfect present. Finding myself in a slump career-wise, I needed some help to build self-confidence and to take ownership of the decisions that directed my life. It was good stuff. Part of the course helped me drill into my psychology, identifying learned behaviours and 'old source code' that was defining my current approach, then building strategies to rewrite that code with a more forward-thinking, goal-oriented approach. The lessons learned during the course will be invaluable for me. I've already stepped up at work, being more open, vocal and confident than I ever had been prior to working with Kelly. If you're one the fence about whether it's for you, I would definitely give it a go. Cannot recommend enough.

    • Corne Coetzee Avatar
      Corne Coetzee

      Working with Kelly has been incredibly insightful and inspiring. I felt bogged down in my day to day life and with no effective means to deal with my worries or problems. Kelly helped me break out of my box and get some much needed perspective on my own life. Kelly's way of listening, understanding and offering insight helped me to not only see things differently, but gave me the tools and mental framework to keep moving forward and thrive in life. I'm extremely grateful that I decided to take that first step in seeking help and do not regret it at all! Thanks Kelly

    • Stefan Evans Avatar
      Stefan Evans

      Really enjoyed the leadership coaching sessions with Kelly. Some practical and helpful guides to different situations around self awareness, growth, feedback and working effectively in a team environment. Some great tools to put in the tool belt and bring out in future interactions with others. Thanks again Kelly and appreciate the time together.

    • mark geor Avatar
      mark geor

      There are times in a person’s life when the ability to move forward requires more then putting one foot in front of the other and self-reflection becomes nothing more then looking back at yourself in a mirror. Finding myself in this very situation, I was at a loss how to move forward and realised I needed to reach out. Kelly's unique ability to strip away the layers that we create to convince ourselves and others of who we are, our values, what motivates us and our self-worth was unsettling and refreshing both in the instant of realisation and on further reflection. Learning to understand who I am, my values, what motivates me and where I gain inspiration from has been invaluable. Kelly has enabled me to answer questions that I would not have even asked. This has enabled me to step off my familiar path allowing me to gain new perspective and focus on what is truly important to me. Mark

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