Courageous Conversations and Conflict Resolution

Learn the Keys to Effective Leadership Communication & Conflict Resolution

Communication levels the playing field

When you speak with confidence and skill, you stand out in so many ways. You provide clarity, confidence, build trust and achieve shared goals.

Conflict can escalate when communication fails. Disagreements across a team, department or business can quickly spiral out of control, causing anything from an unwelcome distraction to more serious damage, such as lower productivity, poor morale, an increase in absenteeism and high staff turnover. 

This advanced communication workshop uses proven conflict resolution and solution-focused communication models to transform the way you communicate with your team, colleagues and clients. Participants will build cooperative relationships, transforming habitual responses to communicate more effectively with others.













  • Learn to avoid potential pitfalls and risks of poor communication
  • Expand your range of communication skills with confidence in more situations
  • Build rapport with ease for more authentic professional relationships
  • Master difficult conversations to find win/win solutions
  • Feel calm when raising concerns and have others truly hear your needs 
  • Empower others to solve their own problems and develop further professionally 
  • Confidently resolve conflict in your team, organisation or with customers with confidence

Key Areas Covered:


  • Understanding how confidence works with the ‘confidence cycle’
  • How to think clearly when under pressure
  • Discover how you’re holding yourself back
  • Gain a ‘confidence on demand’  trigger to use in high pressure situations
  • Understanding state management – what it is and why it’s critical for success
  • Understanding, developing and owning your individual style
  • Create your personal high performance sales state to achieve the best results, when it counts
  • Deeper understanding of your unconscious biases and your inner story 
  • Action and accountability plan created

    Harvard Business Review, Dr Sunnie Giles

    Course Overview

    This workshop equips leaders and teams with the full range of tools to communicate effectively in any situation they encounter. You will learn and practise to be confident in identifying which communication tool to use in each specific situation.

    Why you should attend? 

    If you are a leader or want to take the next step to becoming a leader, plus you want to build supportive, meaningful personal and business relationships then this is the ideal course for you.


    This practical hands on workshop gets you to ‘take the reins’ in your learning which incorporates active discussions, key research, role-plays, exercises and participant sharing.

    Tools and skills are taught with a modern understanding, based on the latest research of how the brain learns. This delivers deeper learnings, insights and understanding for participants. 

    Support Material 

    A workbook is provided containing the key tools and techniques covered, to support you during and ideal to refer to after the course. This is a valuable on-going reference tool.

    “Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess”

          Richard Branson, Virgin

    Delivery Options:

    The workshop offers a number of options depending on your needs.  When we discuss your current challenges and goals we can discuss which option is best for you:

    • A single 4 – 8 hour, fully interactive session
    • 4 x 4 hour sessions, fully interactive sessions for additional skills and confidence.
    • Deep Dive:  3 full days,  fully interactive sessions for additional skills and confidence.


    Depending on numbers and location, workshop packages range from 3 – 15 k for your team.

    Leadership Coaching Option

    Developmental coaching sessions and team coaching are options to include to assist in taking these newly developed skills and expertise and optimise them to achieve your goals.

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