About Melisa

Melisa is an international Associate Certified Meta-Coach specializing in Personal Development and a Self Actualization Facilitator.

She is a highly intuitive and empathetic coach who helps others find their way to fulfilling lives.

Her 19 years in the TV industry gave her communication experience for high achievement. She now shares with her clients through coaching services explicitly tailored towards unleashing their full potential!

Integrative Enneagram Coach


Associate Certified Meta-Coach


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner


Advanced Life Coaching Certification (ICF Aligned)

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Master’s Degree Humanitarian and Development (University La Sorbonne Paris)

Design Thinking Facilitator

Neuro-Semantic Practitioner

Hi, I’m Melisa

You reached your limit and beyond? Are you stuck in the middle of a plateau with nowhere else to go up or down from there? I’m here for you! My practice-based coaching methods are specifically designed around taking people through developmental change that will boost their performance at all levels and boost self-esteem, creativity, and overall happiness.

That’s why we call this specific type of coaching “Meta- Coaching®”, meaning it goes above other types by facilitating sustainable transformation within an individual on every level possible so they can experience success like never before.

As your Coach and Facilitator,
allow me to unleash the potential found in you!

My Journey
Before my coaching career, I was a TV Producer. I used to work for an International TV Network – ARTE and the European Parliament in Strasbourg for 18 years until I decided it was time to put my energy into self-leadership.

After relocating my life abroad from France, I’ve created and delivered programs for New Zealand and Australian leaders. My expertise includes coaching, facilitation, and leadership training.

My expatriation experience led to developmental coaching that helped and guided me to overcome the complicated transition process. What started as a self-help quest to pen my own story, be an empowered person, and make informed decisions has become the catalyst of my coaching career.

I pursued and trained to become a High-Performance Coach to empower and help individuals succeed. I developed proactive programs to address reinvention and identity issues, career change, social integration, relationship challenges, and emotional difficulties.

Today, I love coaching my clients on being more present in their lives, clear about what they want for themselves, feeling confident and powerful enough to make changes – all while being compassionate towards other people in the process. My goal is to help them develop their full potential through conscious living, personal development, and the power of positive thinking.

Professional Memberships

  • Meta-Coach Foundation
  • International Society of Neuro-Semantics
“All limits are self-imposed.”

Our Team

We work together to make your success a reality

Kelly Samson

Coach for High Performers and Founder of Pure Results Coaching


Developmental Coach and Facilitator


Developmental Coach and Facilitator

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