About Melisa

Melisa is an Associate Certified Meta-Coach specialized in Personal Development and a Self Actualization Facilitator.

She assists her clients in unlocking and unleashing their full potential because she truly believes that everyone has that power within them. As a Coach and Facilitator, she shows her clients the way to access their full potential.


Associate Certified Meta-Coach


Advanced Life Coaching Certification (ICF Aligned)


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner


Accessing Personal Genius (Module 2 Meta Coach)

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Diploma of establishment Cinematography and Film/Video Production (INA Paris)

Master’s Degree Humanitarian and Development (University La Sorbonne Paris)

About Melisa

She practices Meta-Coaching®, a powerful and successful coaching methodology that transcends traditional Performance Coaching.

She will take you to higher levels to facilitate Developmental and Transformational change.

That is why we call this specific coaching method “Meta-Coaching®” – meaning Coaching at and to a higher level. At these meta levels, profound change and growth occurs naturally and easily. The results are success and transformation. That is what Melisa – as your Coach and Facilitator – does for you: Unleashing your potential!

Melisa`s Journey

Melisa was born and raised in France and spent most of her career in the TV industry as an editor and producer. What she loved most about her job was the technical rigor required for all her projects and the creative aspect of working on documentaries and TV shows. She has worked under pressure while working as an editor for an international News Network. For 20 years, Melisa has been at the top of her game creatively, coping with stress, managing a team, staying focused, working to deadlines and delivering high-quality content all while having fun.

Melisa has dreamt of coming to live in New Zealand ever since she spent a year there in 2004. Finally, in 2015 she decided to move to Auckland with her family to realise this 10-year-old dream. She was happy and proud of having fulfilled her dream of moving to New Zealand but a year later, the big question popped up: « What’s next? ».

Melisa needed to identify her real goal and discover her true self.

In 2018, Melisa started her journey of becoming a coach, fuelled by her wish to help others find their own meaning in life and reach their true self.

Today, she fully embraces her desire to support others in their journey toward self-growth.

Telling stories is still her passion. For two decades, Melisa produced and edited stories to entertain or inform audiences – to show the people in front of their screens the amazing lives and journeys of others.

But now she wants more. She wants to help people tell their own stories and facilitate their own changes so that they will achieve their goals, find their meaning in life and fulfil their potential.

Today she assists them to see, hear and feel that they are the director of their own life.

Professional Qualifications

  • Associate Certified Meta-Coach
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner
  • Accessing Personal Genius (Module 2 Meta Coach)
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
  • Diploma of establishment Cinematography and Film/Video Production (INA Paris)
  • Master’s Degree Humanitarian and Development (University La Sorbonne Paris)

Professional Memberships

  • Meta-Coach Foundation
  • International Society of Neuro-Semantics

Our Team

We work together to make your success a reality

Personal development programme

As a Meta-Coach, Melisa uses her knowledge and skills in the Personal Developmental sphere. She coaches individuals who want to change, grow, transform. Her Personal Developmental Program, based on the Axes of Change, facilitates clarity, motivation, decision, change, action, integration and then celebration.
If that resonates with you, she will listen, support and challenge you in a compassionate and unique way.

Video Coaching programme

Her Video Coaching Programme for Leaders, Executives, Politicians, or anyone who wants to be confident in front of a camera offers you the opportunity to shine on screen and transmit your message of choice.
Her expertise in the TV Industry and her deep knowledge of ‘using’ the Image to deliver a message, will help clients manage their image and be aware of how it can serve them. Melisa understands how powerful managing Self Image is, especially as a communication tool, through producing videos for politicians during her 10 years of work at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Expat programme

With her Expat Coaching Program, Melisa assists her clients step onto their new path with the right state of mind: curiosity, openness and resilience. She provides them with the tools needed to cope with the loss, the fear and the acceptance of leaving a life behind and to embrace the new road ahead.

Melisa’s experience as an expat and her bilingual skills (Native French and Fluent English Speaker) allow her to offer her service to international clients or to clients with international challenges or touch points. She understands what it means to leave your country, your family, your friends, your lovely bubble. No matter the reason, Melisa will support and assist you on a new journey full of challenges and opportunities. Together, she will make now the right time to discover yourself, grow, change and unleash your potential!

Our Clients Achieve Real Results