About Kelly

A dynamic, energetic and inspiring professional Coach. His Army, travel, academic and professional background provides a unique foundation for his passion of empowering ambitious professionals to reach their full potential.

Despite reaching his career goals in the military and then the corporate sector, he still found himself unfulfilled and seeking more, he needed more meaning in life. By listening to this need he discovered his desire to help others: the desire to help people develop and reach their full potential.

He is committed to constantly finding new ways of thinking, coaching and helping others achieve their goals.

This is the life he thrives on, this is his passion and purpose.


Certificate of Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health

Advanced Life Coaching Certification (ICF Aligned)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Master Practitioner

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Instructor and Trainer

Bachelor of Business Studies

Transforming Communications and Conflict Resolution Instructor

Accredited Developmental Coach

Internationally Qualified Meta Coach

Multiple Brain Integration Coach (mBraining)

Integral-Semantics Facilatitor

Design Thinking Facilitator

Integrative Enneagram Coach

Hi, I’m Kelly. I empower people to run their lives more successfully and purposefully to become the best version of themselves. To break old limits and bust through that ceiling!

Working with people to reach their full potential is my passion. People committed to change work with me to support, challenge and hold them accountable to achieve more than they thought possible. Creating new ways of seeing, thinking and empowering others is the life I thrive on; this is my mission, passion and purpose.
I decided to listen to my mother’s advice and move out of home ‘while I still knew everything’. At age 16 I joined the New Zealand Army and discovered there was so much I didn’t know! Today I am still on this journey of learning and discovery and enjoying it a lot more.

The army provided a strong foundation where I gained many life lessons. Firstly, that my limitations and excuses were all in my own mind. The Army showed me that with planning, perseverance, teamwork and courage, we can all achieve anything we set our minds to, it was a powerful lesson I still use today.

After eight years of growth in the New Zealand Army, it was time to stretch my wings and travel. For the next seven years I based myself in London, working in the IT and Financial sectors. This was a completely new world from survival and weapons training of the NZ Army, and with that new brought new fears, challenges and growth. London also helped me to discover two of my great passions; travelling and experiencing new cultures. I have since travelled to over 70 countries and it is a passion I continue to pursue with my family.

Returning to New Zealand I could see that my current direction wasn’t going where I

wanted to be in my future, so I changed course again to enrol in University studying a Business Degree. Having left school at 16, I found enrolling in University daunting and I was again filled with self-doubt. Yet, once more I found the fears that I held were all in my mind and by backing myself I excelled and gained a double Business Degree while continuing to work in corporate.

Then this weird thing happened, I’d reached my goals, but I found myself seeking more and more meaning in life. I felt I needed to give back and empower others in the areas I’d struggled with and to utilise the skills I’d learnt. Listening to this need I returned to the coaching and mentoring I first discovered when in the Army with the aim to equip people with the skills to overcome their struggles and old fears to get profoundly real with their lives and themselves.

Working together, we create the clarity that enables you to make the best decisions for your life, awaken your inner motivation and eliminate the resistance to change. This enables you to sustainably grow your skills, self-belief and confidence to achieve your big goals. Working together means getting profoundly real with who you are and all areas of your life.

Questions to

  • What do you want in life? What do you really want?
  • What’s holding you back from achieving this?
  • What would you do if you had no fear?
  • What are you afraid of? (that you don’t tell anyone)
  • Where do you want to be next year, in 5 years, in 10 years? Are you going in the right direction?
  • Who is the person you need to BE to achieve your goals?
  • What are you tolerating in your life? And, what are you enabling?

“Helping good
people do
awesome things!?”

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72 College Hill, Freemans Bay, Auckland 1011

North Shore Office

Browns Bay, Auckland


Coaching available online via Zoom

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