Are you ready to get real with your life?

It takes real commitment and courage to face old patterns, conflicts, habits and beliefs that hold you back from your pure potential. 

If you feel you have had enough of how you show up, either in relationships, in your career or in finding your purpose then lets unlock the real you.

Personal Coaching Programs:

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Proven to improve leadership performance and capability.

Resilience and Stress Management

Learn the proven tools and techniques to overcome stress and be your best

Confidence and Self-belief

Overcome self doubt to harness your full self confidence to own any situation.

Finding Your Purpose

Are you the author of your life or a character in someone else’s?

Career Results Coaching

Nobody is capable of achieving the best success alone, no matter how talented and powerful they may seem

What will I get from Coaching?

Ever wondered what enables people to become their best selves, to set world records, to create new discoveries, to forge forward into the future. This inquiry into the bright side of human nature is what coaching is all about.

Coaching is for those who are ready to step up to their highest levels of expertise and mastery, who absolutely refuse to sell themselves and their potential short.

Coaching offers the space and opportunity to get completely real through transformative conversations that uncover how’re you’re holding yourself back, without blame or judgement so you can expand into your full potential.

To do this we provide compassionate, challenging and honest conversations to create a fertile space for transformation.

Are you up for the challenge? Are you ready to grow?













After a programme with Pure Results Coaching, clients advise they feel more confident and empowered with increased clarity, motivation and energy












Why Pure Results Coaching?

Old thinking is challenged for new ideas to be created.

Pure Results Coaching is 100% in your corner to support you, provide fresh perspective (we all have our blind spots), clarity and opportunities for growth.

The most awesome and challenging part is deciding what you want.

It’s like being a teenager again, except this time, with an attitude infused with wisdom.

Your coaching sessions are entirely about you and the future you want. The answers you need are already within you, and I will help you discover them.

Together we will create the clarity that enables you to make the best decisions for your life, awaken your inner motivation and eliminate resistance to change. To achieve sustainable change not only for you but also for all the people in your life. 

Our Clients Achieve Real Results

  • Heidi Cotton Avatar
    Heidi Cotton

    Its been a pleasure working with Kelly for the past year and together we have been on journey of self discovery.Guided by Kelly's support and professionalism, I have enriched my leadership knowledge and been given access to a toolbox of skills needed for a successful life both professionally and personally.

  • mark geor Avatar
    mark geor

    There are times in a person’s life when the ability to move forward requires more then putting one foot in front of the other and self-reflection becomes nothing more then looking back at yourself in a mirror. Finding myself in this very situation, I was at a loss how to move forward and realised I needed to reach out. Kelly's unique ability to strip away the layers that we create to convince ourselves and others of who we are, our values, what motivates us and our self-worth was unsettling and refreshing both in the instant of realisation and on further reflection. Learning to understand who I am, my values, what motivates me and where I gain inspiration from has been invaluable. Kelly has enabled me to answer questions that I would not have even asked. This has enabled me to step off my familiar path allowing me to gain new perspective and focus on what is truly important to me. Mark

  • Stefan Evans Avatar
    Stefan Evans

    Really enjoyed the leadership coaching sessions with Kelly. Some practical and helpful guides to different situations around self awareness, growth, feedback and working effectively in a team environment. Some great tools to put in the tool belt and bring out in future interactions with others. Thanks again Kelly and appreciate the time together.

  • Logan Simpson Avatar
    Logan Simpson

    I went to Kelly at a time when I was stale and crusing through life. Kelly helped me over come obstacles that were preventing me to push myself and make life changing decisions. He provided some techniques to improve my mental well being and decision making, as well as being a sounding board to life’s hard decisions.

  • Simon Fortescue Avatar
    Simon Fortescue

    I would recommend Kelly to anyone who is seeking to improve their life or business situation. Kelly is a great mentor and coach - with the amazing ability to rapidly get to the true, underlying cause of a problem and to address it properly and efficiently.Kelly also 'eats his own dogfood' by devoting much if his life to self inprovement and learning.. which is how our paths crossed and why i was fortunate to benefit from his help as a ongoing mentor and also to attend one of his amazing and interactive 'own the room' workshops.Thank you Kelly.

  • Chris McBreen Avatar
    Chris McBreen

    Kelly was an excellent coach and provided great strategies to help me in moving ahead more confidently, building my business, feeling more relaxed and in my zone. Since undertaking a coaching programme with Kelly, I have achieved many of my goals and now use the strategies learned from coaching to achieve positive results in both my professional and personal life. I highly recommend Kelly who is very experienced in his field.

  • Kerry Drent Avatar
    Kerry Drent

    I engaged Kelly for leadership coaching when I was transitioning into a more senior role. He provided invaluable support to help me achieve my professional and personal goals, build my confidence & resilience and be clear on what was important to me. His approach is relaxed, collaborative, insightful and results driven.

  • Rozanne Postma Avatar
    Rozanne Postma

    Working with Kelly from Pure Results Coaching has been the best investment into my personal and professional development. Before working with Kelly, I felt stuck and I struggled with speaking up at work when needed, I felt overwhelmed with the workload I had, and this affected my personal life as well. One of my biggest breakthroughs I’ve had during the coaching with Kelly, is that I was being over responsible in various areas in my life and under responsible for myself and my own wellbeing and this created a lot of stress for me. I’ve learned how to understand my own needs and establish healthy boundaries, instead of taking on more work and more responsibilities when it’s not needed, and I now empower others to do the work themselves. This has given me time back into my life that I can spend doing what I enjoy and take care of my own well-being. I highly recommend Pure Results Coaching to anyone considering it. It will be the best investment into your own life.

  • Richard Jeffery Avatar
    Richard Jeffery

    I engaged in numerous one-on-one life coaching sessions with Kelly when I was entering a new stage of my life. I had just returned from living abroad for many years and was wanting to carve a new path for my future with career, study and buying a house as well as other personal aspects of my life. Kelly's brilliant insight into the mental tools and techniques used to help me align my thoughts into a more constructive, clear and positive outlook were invaluable. He gave me the confidence to return to study as a mature student which in turn has advanced my career. I am now in the perfect job with even greater opportunities on the horizon and I can now say I am the proud owner of the house of my dreams. Personal development is a journey and Kelly has the skills to help guide you through it.

  • Sharon Fletcher Avatar
    Sharon Fletcher

    i have recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Kelly on a one to one basis and having a chat. i was going through a lot of things at the time especially with work and he made me see a few things a LOT clearer.Kelly's advise and information was spot on and. i would recommend anyone who is stuck or needing a helping hand or just to off load go see Kelly. his help and understanding of your situation is incredible and i cant recommend him enough.THANKS KELLY .

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