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About Kelly

A professional results coach whose adventurous army, travel, academic and professional background provides a unique foundation in his passion for helping others to reach their own Pure Potential.

I decided to listen to my mother’s advice and move out of home while I still knew everything!

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About Bridgette

A professional coach and facilitator who uses her experiences living abroad for 16 years in Japan, London and Singapore, corporate life in various learning and leadership development roles, along with her curiosity and empathy to coach others to reach their own Pure Potential.

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About Kyle

Driven by four key values that underpin who he is as a professional coach: human development, connection, personal growth and self-achievement.

While having achieved a successful career working in the financial markets and cyber security consulting. Kyle knew he was lacking the human development and connection to help facilitate others to grow.

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About Melisa

Melisa is an international Associate Certified Meta-Coach specializing in Personal Development and a Self Actualization Facilitator.

She is a highly intuitive and empathetic coach who helps others find their way to fulfilling lives.

Her 19 years in the TV industry gave her communication experience for high achievement. She now shares with her clients through coaching services explicitly tailored towards unleashing their full potential!

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