NLP Practitioner Certification

We proudly partner with The Coaching Room to deliver Meta Coach NLP Practitioner in New Zealand.

What will you get?

On completion of this course, you will be a nationally and internationally certified NLP Practitioner – authorised through the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (recognised in over 40 countries worldwide.)

You’ll be recognised for your skillset with a certification that means something. Our NLP system is known around the world for its rigorous standards, benchmarks and code of ethics – giving you, peace of mind that you’ll receive the highest quality training, an internationally recognised certification and most of all – the very best skills as an NLP practitioner, that you can get!












What you’ll learn:

Neuro Semantic Meta Coaching NLP is the leading edge in NLP training.  Uniquely specialising in “Meta-States” – THE model for teaching you the DNA, structure, context, and wisdom of how NLP does what it does. 

What this means for you is that you’ll be learning relevant, pragmatic, current content and skills for NLP in the 21st century. When you graduate, you will graduate as an embodied, grounded and highly skilled NLP practitioner, all in just 8 days!


    It’s about YOU

    The focus of the training is on YOU, your personal and professional development. You’ll be learning more about yourself in 8 days than you have in a whole lifetime, something particularly unique to Meta Coaching NLP.  

    Through getting extensive actual hands-on practice with NLP you’ll soon be demonstrating patterns, using the processes, models and transformative techniques with your learning partners. So you will know you’ve really gained the definite skills of NLP. A truly unique opportunity for your growth and development.

    What this will enable for you is an expanding awareness of your own ‘self’ of “who you take yourself to be” greater clarity in the way you make meaning, think and behave. Seeing your habits and re-actions is the first step to changing them!

    What this will enable for you is more choice in the way you want to be in the world, a more present way of being. As you let go of the old habits of you, you will have the choice of stepping into a different you in the way you connect, relate and communicate by BEING more fully authentic as you.

      What’s the investment?

      Our NLP Practitioner training is the most cost-effective face-to-face 8 Day NLP training you will find.  We offer a number of different payment options to make it easy for you.

      This course is accessible to you at the price at $3,449 NZD instead of the industry average of NLP Practitioner Certification programmes of $4000 – $5500.

      Keeping more money in your pocket while getting world-class training. Why? to save YOU money. 

      We would rather touch many lives by making our courses as accessible as possible, rather than leaving it only affordable for a privileged few.

      Free Life Time Access!

      You’ll have FREE lifetime access to your NLP Practitioner Course, both here in NZ and Australia.  Pay once and have free lifetime access once you complete your training!

      That means you can revisit as a student for the full course or any part to refresh and renew your learning at any and every NLP practitioner we run.  Or also assist as part of the training team if you wish.

      Why? So you can relax, learn at your own pace, and take the time to fully and completely embody your learning while making new connections in mind and with new friends oriented toward their own growth. 

      Take the Next Step With Pure Results

      This NLP Practitioner Course is 8-Days of Transformation, Awakening, Skill Development, and Personal and Professional Breakthrough. 

      Learn these skills, apply them to yourself and unleash your best and highest potential in connecting, communicating, coaching and leading others, if that’s what you’re ready for. 

      Where Will You Learn?

      This 8-day programme is run face to face at the Auckland University of Technology.

      This venue has an abundance of natural light creating a great learning environment, which: Is comfortable to the senses, helping you feel welcomed, relaxed, ready to learn, evolve and have some fun. Has ample space for training delivery and break out space as you go explore and learn and practice with your fellow students.

      So, you will find a stunning learning environment where you will be safe enough to explore, be challenged and supported, as you start experimenting with NLP.

      Our Clients Achieve Real Results

      • Stuart Anderson Avatar
        Stuart Anderson

        Through Kelly’s coaching program our 22 year old son has gone from sitting in his room at our family house on his computer, to moving out of home, gaining full time employment and an exercise routine. He now visualises a career path and has learnt to understand and deal with his negative thoughts, which up until now have limited his confidence and development. As a parent it was heart breaking to see such a capable young man so lost. With Kelly’s help over the last 6 months he has developed into a completely different person. His spark is back, he has energy, confidence and walks with his head up. It’s a full programme and it’s an investment but it delivers real results. We believe Kelly’s mentoring and coaching has changed his life, and set him on a path to a bright future. We fully recommend Kelly to anyone with a child struggling with direction or self-belief.

      • Josh Roche Avatar
        Josh Roche

        I have had the good fortune of working with Kelly for three months in both a business and personal capacity. In that short time Kelly has helped me streamline my business goals, providing professional insights and expert advice. Further he has un-locked a number of personal sticking points that has resulted in significant breakthroughs in my private life and also attracted some major opportunities professionally. I also attended Kelly's Own the Room course and this has also contributed in no small way to the higher level my life is now operating on. Kelly is a very perceptive, knowledgeable and professional coach with a wealth of experience, he has an uncanny ability to see the real underlying issues and artfully resolve them. I am deeply thankful for the impact he has had on my life.

      • Anne Cotterell Avatar
        Anne Cotterell

        My experience of Kelly is his incredible capacity as a coach to hold a space where I can get real with myself, lower my defences and be challenged to see what is not always comfortable for me to see. Kelly challenges with compassion and listens intently. The learnings of myself and the growth I have gained through his coaching have been immense, and I expect there will be many more. I would highly recommend Kelly for those wanting a coaching partnership to help bring about positive change for themselves.

      • Simon Fortescue Avatar
        Simon Fortescue

        I would recommend Kelly to anyone who is seeking to improve their life or business situation. Kelly is a great mentor and coach - with the amazing ability to rapidly get to the true, underlying cause of a problem and to address it properly and efficiently.Kelly also 'eats his own dogfood' by devoting much if his life to self inprovement and learning.. which is how our paths crossed and why i was fortunate to benefit from his help as a ongoing mentor and also to attend one of his amazing and interactive 'own the room' workshops.Thank you Kelly.

      • GylesFoster Avatar

        Kelly I want to thank you immensely for putting on the workshop the other week. It was great for me to feel comfortable in a room full of strangers and allow me to be myself and open up on areas I struggle in business. I would highly recommend this great experience to anybody and everybody.

      • Josh Bleakley Avatar
        Josh Bleakley

        Our experiences with Pure Results Coaching!1 on 1 Experience:Days before Competing in the World Cup, I had a 1 on 1 coaching experience with Kelly at Pure Results coaching. Needless to say I was a different person walking out of the office than I was walking in, clear headed, calm, focused. Exactly the head space I needed to bring home 2x Gold Medals.Seminar Experience:The grand opening of ACTN3 - Performance Athletes brand new athletic performance centre was an incredibly successful day, Especially by having Pure Results Coaching "Kelly Sampson" attending to present an empowering seminar on "HOW TO CREATE A WINNING MINDEST" for our athletes , which was the perfect way to end the day. Kelly and Pure Results Coaching were both very professional, engaging and empowering! Kelly answered the questions from the audience with clarity and used analogy's that relate.Highly Recommended for both 1 on 1 coaching / small work shop groups and Seminar sized groups

      • Logan Simpson Avatar
        Logan Simpson

        I went to Kelly at a time when I was stale and crusing through life. Kelly helped me over come obstacles that were preventing me to push myself and make life changing decisions. He provided some techniques to improve my mental well being and decision making, as well as being a sounding board to life’s hard decisions.

      • Paul Cunningham Avatar
        Paul Cunningham

        I have been working with Kelly over the last 6 months as I transition from a senior IT executive in one of New Zealand's largest IT companies, to launching my own company. Kelly's mentoring during the development of my long term strategy and immediate tactical plan has allowed me to move at a great pace and I have certainly benefitted hugely from Kelly's mentoring.I have found that the ability to bounce business ideas off a skilled MBA executive, while discussing the personal motivations and implications of my move has been instrumental in launching my own company.I would fully recommend Kelly's services to anyone looking for guidance or that professional executive mentoring. I have found the service hugely valuable and would have no problems recommending Pure Potential to others. PaulCTO

      • Rachel Guan Ebbett Avatar
        Rachel Guan Ebbett

        Being a mother of 2 young children, juggling a full time job and all the stress that came with I was in a state of feeling overwhelmed and off family and work balance and over stressed to the point of lost control of me and my happiness. Kelly really helped me come to aware of what's really important in life, prioritize my life in putting the right things first and declutter my mind. I feel very fortunate and grateful to have found such a guidance and best investment I have made for me and my family...

      • Alison Jeavons Avatar
        Alison Jeavons

        As a coach myself, I know the value in investing in my own growth. So, when I landed in New Zealand from the UK, I was looking for a business coach that was both sharp and down to earth, whilst being strong enough to give me a good mind wrestle to help me deliver on my intentions. Kelly provides this in abundance and over the period of almost a year, shone light on my shadow areas and challenged me 360. Just what I wanted and I couldn’t have chosen a better coach to help me springboard to where I wanted to be.

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