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You’ll gain all these skills below in the session, if you want a faster way, book a free 1:1 coaching session
This is a personalised 1:1 coaching session to:

  • Identify your current challenges and the number one thing that’s holding you back
  • Create your transformative goals and connect with your inner motivation
  • Design a focused 3-step roadmap to jumpstart your goals into high gear
  • Answer any questions you have about NLP and what success looks like for you

Event Details:

Tuesday, Feb 13th

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Online Zoom

In this Training You Will Gain:

  • Discover techniques used by top performers to excel
  • Understand the principles behind NLP
  • Learn how your mind codes and processes experiences
  • Learn easy-to-use communication tools
  • Gain the instruction manual for your brain to make transformational changes
  • An opportunity to gain answers to your questions from 2 NLP Trainers

Real People Achieving Real Results

Kelly is an awesome trainer and coach, highly recommend him and the leadership programme! Having completed the Active Management Program. I'm feeling the most confident and equipped as a leader that I've ever been. I'm empowering my team, communicating with confidence and I have more time for my high value tasks. Thanks again Team!
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Katherine Jusayan Avatar
Katherine Jusayan
I highly recommend Pure Results C4 Program. Kelly is personable, caring, and excellent at picking up pieces of info to help you join things together to give clarity and confidence. I looked at other courses before finding Pure Results; the others were all pushy at signing me up before I knew anything about what they offered. Kelly was the complete opposite. If you feel stuck in a rut and wanting to make a chance, do it for yourself and get in touch with the Pure Results team.
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Toby R Avatar
Toby R
I've been working with Kelly for quite some time now, the impact has been considerable to myself and my business. There have been several key blockers or blindspots I just couldnt put my finger on, not only has Kelly managed to call those out but he's worked me through them in record time. Concise, judgement free, open communication lets me dig deep into where I'm struggling and piece it together in a controlled way. As someone who prides themselves on 'fixing it myself', this was such an incredible time saver and honestly I couldnt have tackled half of the blocks and challenges without his help. Excellent service, wouldnt hesitate to recommend.
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Lewis T Avatar
Lewis T
Kelly has been fantastic for me! I've grown so much in the last 8 months. Kelly has been an amazing coach and mentor. His expertise in helping me overcome procrastination, practice positive self-talk, and boost my confidence has been invaluable. He has been patient, supportive, and gave me practical tips that I could easily implement into my daily life. Thanks to his guidance, I feel more productive, confident, and motivated than ever before. I highly recommend Kelly to anyone who wants to improve their personal and professional life.
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Michael Graham Avatar
Michael Graham
I came to pure results at a time when I wanted a change in my career. I found the support and coaching excellent, lots of practical and useful ways to help me as a leader and also help me be more self aware and purposeful. Highly recommend!!
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sampricenz Avatar
Working with Kelly has been a game changer for me personally and for the success of my business. I've learned some really key techniques and new ways of approaching problems that I wish I'd known about a long time ago and am very glad to have in my toolbox now.
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Zeb Etheridge Avatar
Zeb Etheridge
Kelly's coaching helped me to uncover some of the long-standing hindrances of my professional and personal life. This immediately made a significant positive impact on my work efficiency and satisfaction. I recommend his coaching for any professional wanting to excel in their careers
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Sriyan Jayasuriya Avatar
Sriyan Jayasuriya
I've got some coaching from Kelly over the past few months and it has been absolutely invaluable. I always leave with more clarity and clear goals that i want to achieve. Through the whole process it has given me way more confidence in my speaking and how i generally talk about my business. Would 100% recommend for new business owners that really want to take themselves to the next level.
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Jacob Stansfield Avatar
Jacob Stansfield
A valuable and time rewarding experience that opened our eyes to possibilities and opportunities. Set us the task of challenging ourselves. We gained much from doing this and are now using it as a tool.
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Allan Mearns Avatar
Allan Mearns