Business Funding

Government funding and support are available to help grow your business!

A Government initiative is available to support the growth of New Zealand small and medium-sized businesses.

Funding is accessible through NZTE for NZ businesses to build their capabilities and skills with Pure Results Business Coaching Programmes.

Does your business fit these criteria?

  • Operating with 100 or less FTE’s
  • GST registered in New Zealand
  • Operating in a commercial environment – i.e. is currently trading or planning to trade
  • Be privately owned or a Māori Trust or Incorporation under the Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993 or similar organisation managing Māori assets under multiple ownership.
  • Additionally, if you are exporting, have export potential or part of an export supply chain, this can positively help your application
NZTE can fund up to 50% of the coaching programme and your business gains the benefits of the new business skills and tools.

Funding available up to $5000 per year, per business.

This is a fantastic opportunity that makes accelerated growth for your leadership and business easily accessible.


  • Funding and places are limited.
  • Funding is provided towards the cost of specialist programmes and training for NZTE approved coaches and programmes only.
  • To find out more about NZTE funding and if your business is eligible, contact us today.

Some of the businesses we have had the privilege of working with include: