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Kelly has given me the tools to be able to consolidate my ideas, as well as provide me with some real direction, bringing with it the belief that I can achieve my dreams and goals. Working with Kelly, I feel that anything is possible!



Working with Kelly has been a real pleasure. I have found out interesting facts about myself, plus he has given me wonderful valid skills that I can apply in my everyday life, making a huge difference in both my professional and personal life.

Kelly has given me the tools to be able to consolidate my ideas, as well as provide me with some real direction, bringing with it the belief that I can pursue my dreams and goals – working with Kelly, I feel that anything is possible!


Free Lance Designer

Kelly is a compassionate, honest, and authentic person and it shows in his attitude to life coaching. Kelly brings a genuine desire to help people into his coaching and provides guidance while allowing his clients to discover new, often remarkable things about themselves and their capabilities. I had five sessions with Kelly over the course of several months and have found that my life, both personal and in business has been enriched as a direct result of our work together.



There are times in a persons life when the ability to move forward requires more then putting one foot in front of the other and self reflection becomes nothing more then looking back at your self in a mirror. Finding my self in this very situation, I was at a loss how to move forward and realised I needed to reach out. Kelly’s unique ability to strip away the layers that we create to convince ourselves and others of who we are, our values, what motivates us and our self worth was unsettling and refreshing both in the instant of realisation and on further reflection.

Learning to understanding who I am, my values, what motivates me and where I gain inspiration from has been invaluable. Kelly has enabled me to answer questions that I would not have even asked. This has enabled me to step off my familiar path allowing me to gain new perspective and focus on what is truly important to me. I feel like my self-awareness and prioritising myself is happening more and more often, but also I am able to feel a certain way, understand it and more easily let things go when I need to. Kelly provided me with tools I can use and apply myself – whether it’s to understand or find more clarity in a certain area of life, or to put into place plans that will help me achieve the goals – big or small.


Team Manager

By nature I am a very motivated, goal driven person, however I found myself struggling to make progress and felt like I was floating through life, not conquering challenges as I had done in the past.

I approached Kelly for support with a little trepidation because of knowing each other socially. It is one of the best decisions I have made.

Kelly is a consummate professional who made the process very easy and enjoyable and completely structured the sessions to my needs. Kelly was able to use some simple and effective tools to identify where I was struggling and why. Shortly afterwards a plan of action was in place and I was back on track.

The whole process has added immeasurable value to my life. I feel much more in control of my life and I’m empowered instead of drifting. I would gladly recommend Kelly to anyone who is looking to make positive change in their life.


National Manager

Working with Kelly really helped me to re-assess my goals and values and in doing so, work out what was actually important to me as a person.

Kelly’s approach put me completely at ease – even though some of the exercises we completed together were very challenging.

I have benefited hugely from working with Kelly. The tools and knowledge I gained have enabled me to take my life in a completely new direction with a great deal more confidence than I could have mustered alone…

I thoroughly recommend working with Kelly to anyone looking to experience personal growth and achieve great things!


Digital Marketing

I went into life coaching with Kelly wanting to create personal change – not just superficially, but to shine a light into some hidden shadows that I’ve avoided for some time. Over the course it’s been challenging at times, especially when negative feelings surface.

And the lesson I’ve learnt is to lean into the feelings and move beyond them rather than avoid them and feel stuck. By attending the sessions, and making a commitment to the process, Kelly helped me re-focus time and again towards my goals, even when I felt overwhelmed.

I’ve come away from the sessions realising that I can do anything I set my mind to, and recognising my own personal power. And that’s a great feeling!

Thanks Kelly, I would recommend you to my friends and family for sure.


Sales Manager

I completed a set of coaching sessions with Kelly and really appreciated the tools and concepts the Kelly works with. Would highly recommend some sessions with Kelly and Pure Potential if you would like to inject some motivation and focus into your projects and life in general. 



Kelly provided some 1-2-1 coaching for me while I was going through a transition. Kelly helped me look at issues differently, and challenged me to make some significant changes to how I lived my life. The coaching was very successful and I would recommend him for any business/ executive coaching.

The successes that stand out for me are developing more work life balance, and improving my productivity at work.

Kelly’s innovative and result driven coaching skills help me develop more confidence to live my values and be more assertive at work and at home. These are skills that are challenging to develop and Kelly supported me fully to embrace change…. Not an easy assignment with a driven Type A personality!


Senior Consultant

I started seeing Kelly mainly for career coaching, how to get a start in my field, but we discussed much more than that. We not only touched on jobs but fitness, friends, family; all aspects of personal wellbeing. Kelly is an all-round life coach. I feel I’ve shed a lot of negative thought processes I had about the idea of work and life.

I feel more confident approaching people, following up on things and even taking charge in my social life. Kelly’s coaching methods are very flexible. After getting to know you, he lets you decide how to proceed. If you’re unsure what to talk about and work on Kelly will make suggestions on what he thinks will benefit you most or, alternatively, if you’ve got a particular topic you want to focus on for that session he’s ready to focus on that. I had my doubts about how useful seeing a life coach would be, I went in knowing that change has to come from within and I doubted if I could be helped but within a few weeks to my own great surprise, I’m all but turned around. I’m looking forward to the new year’s possibilities and even applying for my ideal job.

The results speak for themselves! Thanks Kelly!


Nutrition Advisory Manager

I have been working with Kelly over the last 6 months as I transition from a senior IT executive in one of New Zealand’s largest IT companies, to launching my own company. Kelly’s mentoring during the the development of my long term strategy and immediate tactical plan has allowed me to move at a great pace and I have certainly benefitted hugely from Kelly’s mentoring.

I have found that the ability to bounce business ideas off a skilled MBA executive, while discussing the personal motivations and implications of my move has been instrumental in launching my own company.

I would fully recommend Kelly’s services to anyone looking for guidance or that professional executive mentoring. I have found the service hugely valuable and would have no problems recommending Pure Potential to others.



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