Sales Confidence – Mastering Your Inner Game

A key part of being successful in sales is being confident, both in yourself and your product.  While many sales courses focus on adding external skills and tools to increase skill levels, a salesperson can still often lack their internal confidence. 

Selling without confidence breeds objections and resistance.  

Often sales people portray a calm exterior yet are internally nervous and doubting themselves.  This internal doubt, self-judgement and criticism can easily create a negative loop in mind where the person becomes trapped in, and that the client can sense. This is often the difference between closing the deal and missing out.

Common problems and pain points salespeople report include:

  1. Imposter syndrome
  2. Thinking worst-case scenarios
  3. Fear of hearing ‘No’ or being rejected
  4. Stigma of being a ‘sleazy salesperson’
  5. Feeling stress and/or anxiety in high-pressure situations
  6. Internal negative dialogue of judgement, criticism and personalisation
  7. Fear and resistance of cold calling or networking

A salesperson can be confident in one situation yet nervous in another.  So what makes the difference between someone who doubts themselves and misses the opportunity to the salesperson who rises to the occasion?  The answer is the person’s inner confidence under pressure, their ‘inner game’.













The aim of this workshop is to equip professional sales people with the knowledge and skills to build their internal confidence.  The focus is on learning the neuroscience and mindset tools to master their inner game, in order to win the outer game.

Participants will leave the workshop with an understanding of how confidence works and with a range of practical tools to apply to step forward and own any situation they choose.


    Key Areas Covered:


    • Understanding how confidence works with the ‘confidence cycle’
    • How to think clearly when under pressure
    • Discover how you’re holding yourself back
    • Gain a ‘confidence on demand’  trigger to use in high pressure situations
    • Understanding state management – what it is and why it’s critical for success
    • Understanding, developing and owning your individual style
    • Create your personal high performance sales state to achieve the best results, when it counts
    • Deeper understanding of your unconscious biases and your inner story 
    • Action and accountability plan created

      “The Man Who Has Confidence In Himself Gains The Confidence Of Others.” 

      – Hasidic Prove



      Pre Work:

      To achieve the best results, participants are provided with three short questions to reflect on and bring to the workshop.

      Workshop Approach:

      The workshop is built around an active learning approach which incorporates absorbing new information, practicing skills, sharing and discussing ideas, questions and experiences.  

      Delivery Options:

      The workshop offers a number of options depending on your needs.  When we discuss your current challenges and goals we can discuss which option is best for you:

      • A single 2.5 – 3 hour, fully interactive session
      • Two  2.5 – 3 hour, fully interactive sessions for additional skills and confidence
      • Three 2 hour session,  fully interactive sessions for additional skills and confidence

      Who is this workshop for: 

      • Sales professionals
      • Business Development managers
      • Team Leaders and Managers



      Depending on numbers and location, workshop packages range from 3 – 15 k for your team.

      Feedback from participants:

      “Awesome course with tools
      galore to take away to use”

      Katyn, Design Manager

      “Superb, top quality! Fantastic information and tools, great challenges. Uplifting and delivers on outcomes!”

      Martin, Business Development Manager

      “Engaging, motivational and easy to follow”

      Mark, Manager

      Our Clients Achieve Real Results