Life Coaching


Empower others to reach their full potential

Have you ever asked yourself the next questions?


Do you really like your job?

Are you sure is what you are doing is right for you and your values?


Do you even know your values?

Do I need Life Coaching?

There are a lot of questions to ask yourself. But sometimes it is really hard to find the answer.

Life coaching is designed for you to learn the techniques on how to find the right purposem, get the most of your experience and make right decisions to fulfill your life with positive emotions, confidence and success.












Many people live their life with the feeling of uncertainty












Why choose Life Coaching with Pure Results?

Life Coaching at Pure Results for higher performance is a safe space with no judgement.

We will be 100% in your corner for the entire journey, offering fresh perspectives that will challenge your thinking and encourage your inner brilliance to shine. You will have permission to be your authentic self while discovering your core values and passions.

If you will not invest in yourself and your future – who will?

Through insightful conversations, we will empower you to find clarity, direction and solutions you need.

You will develop your own goals & plans to create the momentum to achieve the life you dream of.  Find your personal power pick up the pen to be the author of your success.

Creating the future, you desire involves committing to your future with a tailored coaching programme for your specific needs and goals.  This is a high impact programme that will empower you to produce new insights, growth & results.  It’s not easy but it is very rewarding to allow you to live a richer, more purposeful life.

Our Clients Achieve Real Results

  • Kerry Drent Avatar
    Kerry Drent

    I engaged Kelly for leadership coaching when I was transitioning into a more senior role. He provided invaluable support to help me achieve my professional and personal goals, build my confidence & resilience and be clear on what was important to me. His approach is relaxed, collaborative, insightful and results driven.

  • Alison Jeavons Avatar
    Alison Jeavons

    As a coach myself, I know the value in investing in my own growth. So, when I landed in New Zealand from the UK, I was looking for a business coach that was both sharp and down to earth, whilst being strong enough to give me a good mind wrestle to help me deliver on my intentions. Kelly provides this in abundance and over the period of almost a year, shone light on my shadow areas and challenged me 360. Just what I wanted and I couldn’t have chosen a better coach to help me springboard to where I wanted to be.

  • Gyles Foster MCC Avatar
    Gyles Foster MCC

    Kelly I want to thank you immensely for putting on the workshop the other week. It was great for me to feel comfortable in a room full of strangers and allow me to be myself and open up on areas I struggle in business. I would highly recommend this great experience to anybody and everybody.

  • Jelloteen96 Avatar

    Initially I had some misgivings about this because I have no idea what to talk about. I was at a point in life where I wasn't sure what I was doing, questioning the life decisions I'd made so far, insecure, and in general letting other people's decisions sway my own. Kelly is really easy to talk to, and from simple conversations he can pinpoint key values, negative mindsets, habits and underlying themes that I didn't notice on my own. I did end up deciding on my own path by myself, and it felt like I was taking charge of my life. I like that Kelly helped me benefit from the habits and mindsets I had, while also removing the negative aspect of them. The tools, tactics and advice that Kelly provides, when utilised properly, really helped my confidence, which in turn greatly impacted the way that I interact with the world. I'm now aware of what my key values are and am trying daily to live in line with them. I'd recommend Kelly to those needing some help in sorting out priorities and weeding out the pre-established mindsets and habits that hold you back from being the best you.

  • Simon Fortescue Avatar
    Simon Fortescue

    I would recommend Kelly to anyone who is seeking to improve their life or business situation. Kelly is a great mentor and coach - with the amazing ability to rapidly get to the true, underlying cause of a problem and to address it properly and efficiently.Kelly also 'eats his own dogfood' by devoting much if his life to self inprovement and learning.. which is how our paths crossed and why i was fortunate to benefit from his help as a ongoing mentor and also to attend one of his amazing and interactive 'own the room' workshops.Thank you Kelly.

  • X_Craig Norenbergs Avatar
    X_Craig Norenbergs

    I approached Kelly because as a leader I had experienced a few setbacks, my confidence had taken a hit, and I knew I wasn’t bringing my best to the table because of this. I was in a bit of a downwards spiral and I knew something had to change... but I wasn’t sure what or how. The coaching programme wasn’t cheap.... but that’s the point: it was a personal investment that required me to commit to the change. The biggest benefit I found from Kelly’s coaching is now I’m fully connected to and owning my intrinsic qualities and abilities. Now I walk into the room believing in myself and knowing the difference I can make. I’m proud to say I’ve just secured a senior leadership role with a top NZ firm in a high pressure environment and I’m looking forward to the challenge! I highly recommend Kelly to any leader who wants to get 100% real with themselves and step up to the next level. Five stars!

  • Bob Lajes Avatar
    Bob Lajes

    I signed on for personal coaching with Kelly. I have to admit that when I finally committed to this, I was sceptical but hopeful. I have never hired someone to be my personal coach before. Kelly is the real deal. Every single session, I had a breakthrough. Kelly knows how to help you see yourself. Sometimes it's not pretty, but if you want to change, you have to be ready to look at yourself honestly. Kelly gives you the space to do that without judgement. But you don't just walk away with a "breakthrough". You walk away with a plan to carry that new-found knowledge forward. I would recommend Pure Results Coaching to anyone ready to bring out the best of themselves.

  • Lisa Drexel Avatar
    Lisa Drexel

    J'ai eu la chance d'expérimenter des sessions de coaching avec Mélisa Cohen de Pure results, NZ. J'ai aimé son humanité et sa gentillesse. C'est un coach très professionnel et bien formé qui aime ce qu'elle fait. Cela se ressent dans son professionnalisme et sa bienveillance. Je la recommande les yeux fermés.I experienced several coaching sessions with Melisa Cohen from Pure results, NZ. She is professional and well trained. She is kind and human, I felt 100% supported in my personal development growth. I warmly recommend a coaching programme with her.

  • Paul Cunningham Avatar
    Paul Cunningham

    I have been working with Kelly over the last 6 months as I transition from a senior IT executive in one of New Zealand's largest IT companies, to launching my own company. Kelly's mentoring during the development of my long term strategy and immediate tactical plan has allowed me to move at a great pace and I have certainly benefitted hugely from Kelly's mentoring.I have found that the ability to bounce business ideas off a skilled MBA executive, while discussing the personal motivations and implications of my move has been instrumental in launching my own company.I would fully recommend Kelly's services to anyone looking for guidance or that professional executive mentoring. I have found the service hugely valuable and would have no problems recommending Pure Potential to others. PaulCTO

  • Kohei Iguchi Avatar
    Kohei Iguchi

    Kelly really focuses on what you want to achieve in life, finds the potential road blocks, and provide insight into how you can overcome the obstacles and really live life to the fullest. I know Kelly as a business friend as well as my coach, and I can honestly say that he does what he does to make a change in everyone's lives. Highly recommended!

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