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The top-rated high-performance coaching service by clients across NZ and Australia, with over 50 5* star reviews on Google


Internationally qualified

Kelly is an internationally qualified coach in Performance Coaching, Developmental Coaching, Neuro-science and NLP

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Successfully improved their lives, careers and businesses working with us


5000+ hours

Over 5,000 hours of experience in Personal and Leadership Coaching

Our Approach

Are you struggling to get the results you wish for, either as a leader, in your career or personal life?

Coming up against the same old patterns, feeling stressed or not living your purpose? If so, it may be time to get real with yourself, let go of old patterns and unleash your full potential. That’s how we can help you get pure results.

Coaching for higher performance is a safe space with no judgement.

We will be 100% in your corner for the entire journey, offering fresh perspectives that will challenge your thinking and encourage your inner brilliance to shine. You will have permission to be your authentic self while discovering your core values and passions.

Through insightful conversations we will empower you to find clarity, direction and solutions you need. You will develop your own goals & plans to create the momentum to achieve the life you dream of.  Find your personal power pick up the pen to be the author of your success.

Book your free consultation to learn how we can help you to set and achive life goals.

Coaching Services

See how Kelly and the team have helped people from all over New Zealand and internationally develop their self-belief, clarity and confidence to achieve their goals to live in more authentic, meaningful ways.

Personal Coaching

Creating the future you desire involves committing to your future with a tailored coaching programme for your specific needs and goals.

These coaching programmes are about challenging, supporting and empowering you to new realisations and creating fresh possibilities.  Where you take full responsibility for your life and all you achieve.

Business Coaching

Business coaching is tailored to meet the individual needs of your business.

‘Starting or running your own business is a tough gig. It’s an inner and outer game, and most successful business owners agree that it’s invaluable having someone external to the business to help with both.


Kelly is an energetic and experienced results-orientated workshop facilitator who helps organizations get the results they need.

Quality workshop facilitation accomplishes amazing results within a short amount of time. By fully supporting, motivating and encouraging the participation of all members you be moving forward towards success. Kelly has over 10 years’ experience facilitating workshops across multiple industries and countries. He’s a qualified NLP Instructor and Communications Trainer who enjoys a versatile range of skills in handling diverse groups, conflict resolution, authentic listening to harnessing people’s energy and creativity.

Success Stories

Learn how Kelly and the team have helped people to create new discoveries, forge forward into the future and be 100% real in life.

Success Story! Logan's Results Coaching Programme
Success Story! Gagan sharing his Growth & Success
Success Story! Matt sharing his Growth & Success

Our Clients Achieve Real Results

DORSEMAINE Yves-Louis Avatar
11/25/2021 - Google

The best investment you can do is to invest in yourself ! For me definitely the best investment I ever made .It took me a bit of t... read more

Nadia Phillips Avatar
Nadia Phillips
10/28/2021 - Google

The results I received from leadership coaching with Melissa has not only stepped me out of the tactical operational weeds that ar... read more

Pacific Discovery Avatar
Pacific Discovery
9/30/2021 - Google

If you are looking for some kind of coaching curriculum this is not it- the professional coaching here is not one size fits all. T... read more

Jane-Estelle DORSEMAINE Avatar
9/27/2021 - Google

Melisa has been a wonderful coach in giving me different techniques and perspectives to welcome and overcome my limited beliefs an... read more

Kiela-lee Wilson Avatar
Kiela-lee Wilson
9/17/2021 - Google

I have been working with Kelly for a number of years, both as a business coach and in the C4 program. These sessions have been inv... read more

Hamish Macdonald Avatar
Hamish Macdonald
9/12/2021 - Google

I did the C4 Accelerator Course which is a series of powerful, practical tools and modules which can be used to change any area of... read more

Daniel Mar Avatar
Daniel Mar
8/31/2021 - Google

I was going through a period of quite big change when I came across Pure Results. There were areas of my life that deserved closer... read more

Dom Driver Avatar
Dom Driver
6/02/2021 - Google

I would heartily recommend Kelly at Pure Results. I received a 10 session course of life-coaching with Kelly for my 40th birthday,... read more

Margot Avatar
5/21/2021 - Google

I really enjoyed the coaching sessions with Melisa. She is kind and attentive.I contacted her because I was a bit lost and I was n... read more

James Webb Avatar
James Webb
5/20/2021 - Google

Kelly brings the perfect balance of compassion & challenge to our coaching sessions listening deeply and asking questions that get... read more

Christine Dryland Avatar
Christine Dryland
4/05/2021 - Google

I found Kelly's coaching to be empowering, supportive and very valuable. I would definitely recommend this coaching program to oth... read more

ryan larraman Avatar
ryan larraman
3/21/2021 - Google

Kelly Samson will help you discover your perfectly attuned self. Are you ready to live fully? To slay the habits that don't serve ... read more

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Kelly shares useful tips that help individuals, business owners and managers improve their performance

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