Executive and Leadership Coaching


True leadership is an inside job.

If you’re not effectively leading yourself how can you lead others?

The more real you get about understanding yourself and what’s really holding you back (old, triggers, blind spots, habits and limiting beliefs) the more clear and effective leader you will become.

Will it help you to have someone to:

  • Truly and deeply listen, understand and support you
  • Challenge your thinking, conversations and actions (or inactions)
  • Hold you accountable to the things you say you want to do
  • Ask the tough questions to unlock fresh perspectives and see your blind spots
  • Provide feedback about your performance so that you can find your next steps for improvement












At Pure Results, we have developed necessary tools and tips for living the stress-free life












Why Pure Results Coaching?

We hold no agenda except the agenda you bring, and we will hold that fully and completely in confidence so you have the faith and trust to bring the most valuable and transformational topics to what we focus on.

In our coaching, we hold unconditional positive regard and support for you.   We’re 100% in your corner and won’t let you sell yourself short.  

You can’t achieve your outer goals until you get real inside.

The way you show up for your team, your managers and your customers will have ripple effects throughout the organisation.

If you’re tired of experiencing how much you get in your own way or have had enough of mediocre results then it’s time to give us a call or book on for a free 30-minute coaching session.

Our Clients Achieve Real Results

  • Kerry Drent Avatar
    Kerry Drent

    I engaged Kelly for leadership coaching when I was transitioning into a more senior role. He provided invaluable support to help me achieve my professional and personal goals, build my confidence & resilience and be clear on what was important to me. His approach is relaxed, collaborative, insightful and results driven.

  • Mélisa Cohen Avatar
    Mélisa Cohen

    My meeting with Kelly was an amazing meeting that transformed my life.A beautiful trip with myself, guided by Kelly, for my awareness, allow me to take action, to lay down my beliefs, my fears, my shadows ... .and to finally be able to answer these questions: What do I really want? Who am I ? Who do I want to be?Previously, I had the impression of knowing what I did not want, but knowing that I had a dream, connect to it, respect my needs, it was another story.After this high quality training, I was able to lay the scaffolding of my life and settle in a new existence.A big THANK YOU to Kelly for his benevolence and for allowing me to regain the power of my life.

  • mark geor Avatar
    mark geor

    There are times in a person’s life when the ability to move forward requires more then putting one foot in front of the other and self-reflection becomes nothing more then looking back at yourself in a mirror. Finding myself in this very situation, I was at a loss how to move forward and realised I needed to reach out. Kelly's unique ability to strip away the layers that we create to convince ourselves and others of who we are, our values, what motivates us and our self-worth was unsettling and refreshing both in the instant of realisation and on further reflection. Learning to understand who I am, my values, what motivates me and where I gain inspiration from has been invaluable. Kelly has enabled me to answer questions that I would not have even asked. This has enabled me to step off my familiar path allowing me to gain new perspective and focus on what is truly important to me. Mark

  • Dan Martin Avatar
    Dan Martin

    Kelly has been an excellent coach with his ability to draw out my strengths and help me build my confidence. Kelly has really broken down some key challenges for me so that I can understand them and move ahead in life. He has provided numerous helpful techniques to employ at a daily level to get better results out of each day. Thanks Kelly for your good work.

  • Richard Jeffery Avatar
    Richard Jeffery

    I engaged in numerous one-on-one life coaching sessions with Kelly when I was entering a new stage of my life. I had just returned from living abroad for many years and was wanting to carve a new path for my future with career, study and buying a house as well as other personal aspects of my life. Kelly's brilliant insight into the mental tools and techniques used to help me align my thoughts into a more constructive, clear and positive outlook were invaluable. He gave me the confidence to return to study as a mature student which in turn has advanced my career. I am now in the perfect job with even greater opportunities on the horizon and I can now say I am the proud owner of the house of my dreams. Personal development is a journey and Kelly has the skills to help guide you through it.

  • Kim Herrick Avatar
    Kim Herrick

    Kelly provided some 1-2-1 coaching for me while I was seeking clarity regarding my career goals. Kelly helped me look at issues differently, and challenged me to make some significant changes to how I lived my life. The coaching was very successful and I would recommend him for Business coaching.The successes that stood out for me were developing more work life balance, and improving my productivity at work.Kelly's innovative and result driven coaching skills help me develop more confidence to live my values and be more assertive. These are skills that are challenging to develop and Kelly supported me fully to embrace change.... Not an easy assignment with a driven Type A personality!Kim, Senior Consultant

  • John Milner Avatar
    John Milner

    I completed a number of 1-2-1 sessions with Kelly late last year and was so impressed, I immediately enrolled my 23 year old son. Kelly is very professional, yet retains a real friendly position while guiding you through to a more profitable and happy future. Kelly will help you, as he has helped my family "live the dream".

  • Nick Hoyle Avatar
    Nick Hoyle

    When I started working with Kelly, I was in a very unhappy and stressed state. Spending time with Kelly helped me to unravel a lot of the confusion and mind chatter that was preventing me from moving forward and taking charge of my life. After just a few sessions I was able to formulate a path and with his help I was able to re-frame some of the old thinking that had got me into the state of stress to begin with. Thinking about it now, without his help I would have ended up in a very bad place. If you are wanting to get some clear objective tools to deal with your own stresses I highly recommend a session with Kelly.

  • David Callanan Avatar
    David Callanan

    Kelly is a first class leadership coach. He uses various techniques to explore what might be holding his clients back from reaching their full potential. On numerous occasions Kelly has helped elevate my thinking and empowered and emboldened me to lean in to the challenges of executive leadership. I'd recommend Kelly to anyone who is open to getting more from themselves or is seeking to navigate periods of uncertainty with greater confidence and motivation. Thanks Kelly.

  • Tim Farland Avatar
    Tim Farland

    Before meeting with Kelly I was stuck in a bit of a rut and my confidence was low. Six months later and I am pleased to say that my sessions with Kelly have resulted in a big swing in momentum and I now feel I am in much better control of all aspects in my life. Kelly was able to really tap into what was holding me back and getting to the root cause. I now have a clear vision of where I'm heading and am much more relaxed and less stressed. Kelly has helped show me how to enjoy the process of goal achievement and how to live with intent. I've become a better father, colleague and husband through my sessions with Kelly and I highly recommend what he offers.