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Increase your self-awareness and self-leadership to own
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What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a framework for coaching and leadership development that facilitates rapid self-discovery and transformation. It helps you get to the heart of who you really are so you can actualize your highest and the best version of yourself.

With the Enneagram, you’ll gain a deep understanding of your core motivations, uncover your strengths, identify your blindspots and triggers to unlock and own your full potential.

What Makes Enneagram Different?

The Enneagram system has a depth and accuracy that is unsurpassed. For leaders, teams and entire organisations it allows us to amplify your chances of success by getting an in-depth understanding of the core motivations and unconscious biases that drive your behaviors, thoughts, and emotions.

The popularity of Enneagram amongst the top tech CEOs of today such as Dropbox and Shopify reflects its value as a powerful tool for leaders and teams.

It’s being used to develop deeper levels of self-awareness and therefore higher levels of trust and performance. Ultimately, when we understand ourselves and our people better, we can lead ourselves and others in a more effective way.

Once people acquire their growth mindset, they can go very very far,
they can have ten years of a career on one year of the work clock.

Tobi Lutke, CEO Shopify

What’s on Offer

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Benefits of the Enneagram in Business

The Enneagram is more than a supportive tool for leaders, it also offers teams the ability to completely transform how they operate.

By bringing a shared understanding and language to your workplace, your teams begin to understand each other at a deeper level to communicate and collaborate like never before. This is accelerated professional development and team building.

The 9 Enneagram Personalities

1. The Reformer (Conscientious and Ethical)
2. The Helper (Supportive and Sincere)
3. The Achiever (Self-Assured and Charismatic)
4. The Individualist (Self-Aware and Reserved)
5. The Investigator (Alert and Curious)
6. The Loyalist (Committed and Reliable)
7. The Enthusiast (Enthusiastic and Spontaneous)
8. The Challenger (Confident and Controlling)
9. The Peacemaker (Calm and Trusting)

If you’d like to dive deeper to truly understand your strengths, challenges, blindspots, unconscious biases and growth opportunities, contact us to arrange your full Enneagram profile and personalised debrief.

For yourself, your teams and your business.