Outdoor Coaching Intensives


Coaching intensives are designed to help you achieve quick positive impacts on your life while being active and enjoying great New Zealand outdoors

Take advantage of Coaching Intensives in New Zealand Outdoors


Jump start the results you need

Accelerate the progress of your growth in just one session

Move the body & burn calories

Why Outdoor Coaching Intensives are so effective?

To achieve the best results and maintain the work-life balance we have developed coaching intensives. We can help you to activate your body & mind together to boost creativity & your sense of wellbeing while gaining the solutions you need.

These individualized coaching intensive programmes are a one-on-one half-day or full-day experience exclusively for those who are ready to dive deep and break through an area of difficulty, a barrier or long-standing pattern. The day will be tailored to suit your individual needs and goals to ensure you achieve the success you need from this time.












As you move the body, you move the mind. As the body is invigorated and stretched so is the wind with new understandings












What key topics will be covered during coaching intensives?

The day will be tailored to suit your individual needs

Reflection and taking stock – where you are at now. Full acknowledgement, realizations and celebrations.
  • Values – discovering and understanding your personal values and drives.
  • How are you living in line with these and in what ways can you fully?
  • Communication – what is your natural communication style?
  • Understanding how this is holding you back and how to communicate authentically to be heard.
  • Vision and direction – Creating your authentic crystal clear vision of success and happiness.
  • Limiting beliefs – uncovering those old limiting blocks and fears (we all have them) to shake them off and fully empower your life
  • Action plan – building your action plan forward that works for you
  • Summary of key insights, learning and next steps

Our Clients Achieve Real Results