Career Results Coaching


Use all the possible tools to achieve the best results in your career

Career Coaching is for you if you answer “yes” to any of those:

Have you started being bored at work?

Don`t know how to choose the right options?

Feeling unchallenged and flat?


Not sure about what to do next?

Why do I need Career Coaching?

Successful CEOs, Politicians, Sportsmen, etc. are very ambitious people and they achieve great results. But many of them use career coaching services to get an understanding of what to do next to continue conquering new heights. Why do they need a coach?

Because nobody is capable of achieving the best success alone, no matter how talented and powerful they may seem. Those successful people know that they have the power to achieve great results and that is why they are using every single instrument in order to do that. Doesn’t matter how good you are doing now as there is always












Nobody is capable of achieving the best success alone, no matter how talented and powerful they may seem.












Why Pure Results Coaching?

The idea “I will achieve everything if I will be working hard and long enough” is not working in modern life.

The competition is only growing. Therefore, the only way is to use the talents and proven methods. And this is where career coaching is the right fit.

Career Coaching at Pure Results will help you to unlock your potential

Find out what is holding you back and give yourself the tools and confidence to develop in your current job, or to change your career.

Our Clients Achieve Real Results

  • Tim Farland Avatar
    Tim Farland

    Before meeting with Kelly I was stuck in a bit of a rut and my confidence was low. Six months later and I am pleased to say that my sessions with Kelly have resulted in a big swing in momentum and I now feel I am in much better control of all aspects in my life. Kelly was able to really tap into what was holding me back and getting to the root cause. I now have a clear vision of where I'm heading and am much more relaxed and less stressed. Kelly has helped show me how to enjoy the process of goal achievement and how to live with intent. I've become a better father, colleague and husband through my sessions with Kelly and I highly recommend what he offers.

  • Lisa Drexel Avatar
    Lisa Drexel

    J'ai eu la chance d'expérimenter des sessions de coaching avec Mélisa Cohen de Pure results, NZ. J'ai aimé son humanité et sa gentillesse. C'est un coach très professionnel et bien formé qui aime ce qu'elle fait. Cela se ressent dans son professionnalisme et sa bienveillance. Je la recommande les yeux fermés.I experienced several coaching sessions with Melisa Cohen from Pure results, NZ. She is professional and well trained. She is kind and human, I felt 100% supported in my personal development growth. I warmly recommend a coaching programme with her.

  • Simon Mitchell Avatar
    Simon Mitchell

    Working with Kelly really helped me to re-assess my goals and values and in going so, work out what was actually important to me as a person. Kelly's approach put me completely at ease - even though some of the exercises we completed together were very challenging. I have benefited hugely from working with Kelly. The tools and knowledge I gained have enabled me to take my life in a completely new direction with a great deal more confidence than I could have mustered alone... I thoroughly recommend working with Kelly to anyone looking to experience personal growth and achieve great things!Simon, Digital Marketing

  • Kerry Drent Avatar
    Kerry Drent

    I engaged Kelly for leadership coaching when I was transitioning into a more senior role. He provided invaluable support to help me achieve my professional and personal goals, build my confidence & resilience and be clear on what was important to me. His approach is relaxed, collaborative, insightful and results driven.

  • DORSEMAINE Yves-Louis Avatar
    DORSEMAINE Yves-Louis

    The best investment you can do is to invest in yourself ! For me definitely the best investment I ever made .It took me a bit of time to cross the bridge and I wish I could have met Melisa (with only one S) before . What ever you want to achieve, I am sure Melisa can help. For me there was a before and there is an after, she helped me reboot my brain and start fresh . I feel much better now and feel confident in the future. This is not magic, she just gave me some tools to find the way and I did the rest .I warmly recommend Melisa to anyone who wants to empower his full potential or/ and unlock any old and bad mechanism.

  • Dan Martin Avatar
    Dan Martin

    Kelly has been an excellent coach with his ability to draw out my strengths and help me build my confidence. Kelly has really broken down some key challenges for me so that I can understand them and move ahead in life. He has provided numerous helpful techniques to employ at a daily level to get better results out of each day. Thanks Kelly for your good work.

  • mehpara khan Avatar
    mehpara khan

    Kelly provides you with clarity and digs deep into underlying issues holding you back from achieving your goals. It's not therapy. Instead it's practical steps and changes in behaviour to move yourself forward. For me, his coaching empowered me to take ownership of my situation, and my choices, and make tough decisions in order to live the life I want to lead. It's not an easy process, but it's worth it.

  • Alison Jeavons Avatar
    Alison Jeavons

    As a coach myself, I know the value in investing in my own growth. So, when I landed in New Zealand from the UK, I was looking for a business coach that was both sharp and down to earth, whilst being strong enough to give me a good mind wrestle to help me deliver on my intentions. Kelly provides this in abundance and over the period of almost a year, shone light on my shadow areas and challenged me 360. Just what I wanted and I couldn’t have chosen a better coach to help me springboard to where I wanted to be.

  • Simon Fortescue Avatar
    Simon Fortescue

    I would recommend Kelly to anyone who is seeking to improve their life or business situation. Kelly is a great mentor and coach - with the amazing ability to rapidly get to the true, underlying cause of a problem and to address it properly and efficiently.Kelly also 'eats his own dogfood' by devoting much if his life to self inprovement and learning.. which is how our paths crossed and why i was fortunate to benefit from his help as a ongoing mentor and also to attend one of his amazing and interactive 'own the room' workshops.Thank you Kelly.

  • Anne Cotterell Avatar
    Anne Cotterell

    My experience of Kelly is his incredible capacity as a coach to hold a space where I can get real with myself, lower my defences and be challenged to see what is not always comfortable for me to see. Kelly challenges with compassion and listens intently. The learnings of myself and the growth I have gained through his coaching have been immense, and I expect there will be many more. I would highly recommend Kelly for those wanting a coaching partnership to help bring about positive change for themselves.