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Use all the possible tools to achieve the best results in your career

Career Coaching is for you if you answer “yes” to any of those:

Have you started being bored at work?

Don`t know how to choose the right options?

Feeling unchallenged and flat?


Not sure about what to do next?

Why do I need Career Coaching?

Successful CEOs, Politicians, Sportsmen, etc. are very ambitious people and they achieve great results. But many of them use career coaching services to get an understanding of what to do next to continue conquering new heights. Why do they need a coach?

Because nobody is capable of achieving the best success alone, no matter how talented and powerful they may seem. Those successful people know that they have the power to achieve great results and that is why they are using every single instrument in order to do that. Doesn’t matter how good you are doing now as there is always












Nobody is capable of achieving the best success alone, no matter how talented and powerful they may seem.












Why Pure Results Coaching?
The idea “I will achieve everything if I will be working hard and long enough” is not working in modern life. The competition is only growing. Therefore, the only way is to use the talents and proven methods. And this is where career coaching is the right fit.
Career Coaching at Pure Results will help you to unlock your potential
Find out what is holding you back and give yourself the tools and confidence to develop in your current job, or to change your career.

Our Clients Achieve Real Results

  • Susie Lewis Avatar
    Susie Lewis

    I would recommend Kelly to anyone seeking ways in which to manage their life better, to BE better . . . We all have it in us and Kelly is a great, objective sounding board for all those circling feelings and ideas we have, helping to channel them into something more streamlined and focused. I feel like my self-awareness has increased and prioritising myself is happening more and more often, but I also feel more able to feel a certain way, understand it and more easily let things go. Kelly provided me with tools I can use and apply myself – whether it’s to understand or find more clarity in a certain area of life, or to put into place plans that will help me achieve the goals – big or small.

  • Tim Farland Avatar
    Tim Farland

    Before meeting with Kelly I was stuck in a bit of a rut and my confidence was low. Six months later and I am pleased to say that my sessions with Kelly have resulted in a big swing in momentum and I now feel I am in much better control of all aspects in my life. Kelly was able to really tap into what was holding me back and getting to the root cause. I now have a clear vision of where I'm heading and am much more relaxed and less stressed. Kelly has helped show me how to enjoy the process of goal achievement and how to live with intent. I've become a better father, colleague and husband through my sessions with Kelly and I highly recommend what he offers.

  • Shane Davis Avatar
    Shane Davis

    Kelly has a relaxed coaching style that establishes a comfortable space for exploring thoughts and ideas around leadership and the personal challenges one might be facing with them.
    A key takeaway for me was identifying and understanding the elements that make leadership successful, that might be largely unknown even when leadership is functioning well.
    Something I feel that Kelly does effectively is cutting right to the heart of a matter, and helping to understand the core element that needs to be addressed and worked on.
    This brings about effective results quickly that have made a tangible difference to my personal effectiveness as a leader.

  • Chris McBreen Avatar
    Chris McBreen

    Kelly was an excellent coach and provided great strategies to help me in moving ahead more confidently, building my business, feeling more relaxed and in my zone. Since undertaking a coaching programme with Kelly, I have achieved many of my goals and now use the strategies learned from coaching to achieve positive results in both my professional and personal life. I highly recommend Kelly who is very experienced in his field.

  • mark geor Avatar
    mark geor

    There are times in a person’s life when the ability to move forward requires more then putting one foot in front of the other and self-reflection becomes nothing more then looking back at yourself in a mirror. Finding myself in this very situation, I was at a loss how to move forward and realised I needed to reach out. Kelly's unique ability to strip away the layers that we create to convince ourselves and others of who we are, our values, what motivates us and our self-worth was unsettling and refreshing both in the instant of realisation and on further reflection. Learning to understand who I am, my values, what motivates me and where I gain inspiration from has been invaluable. Kelly has enabled me to answer questions that I would not have even asked. This has enabled me to step off my familiar path allowing me to gain new perspective and focus on what is truly important to me. Mark

  • Josh Roche Avatar
    Josh Roche

    I have had the good fortune of working with Kelly for three months in both a business and personal capacity. In that short time Kelly has helped me streamline my business goals, providing professional insights and expert advice. Further he has un-locked a number of personal sticking points that has resulted in significant breakthroughs in my private life and also attracted some major opportunities professionally. I also attended Kelly's Own the Room course and this has also contributed in no small way to the higher level my life is now operating on. Kelly is a very perceptive, knowledgeable and professional coach with a wealth of experience, he has an uncanny ability to see the real underlying issues and artfully resolve them. I am deeply thankful for the impact he has had on my life.

  • Alison Jeavons Avatar
    Alison Jeavons

    As a coach myself, I know the value in investing in my own growth. So, when I landed in New Zealand from the UK, I was looking for a business coach that was both sharp and down to earth, whilst being strong enough to give me a good mind wrestle to help me deliver on my intentions. Kelly provides this in abundance and over the period of almost a year, shone light on my shadow areas and challenged me 360. Just what I wanted and I couldn’t have chosen a better coach to help me springboard to where I wanted to be.

  • Gael Batan Avatar
    Gael Batan

    Au début de l'année 2020 j'ai fait appel aux services de Melisa Cohen après une période de doutes et de difficultés au niveau professionnel. Six mois plus tard, entièrement satisfait de sa prestation et du progrès au niveau demon développement personnel, j'ai décidé de continuer l'aventure avec elle. Grâce à une approche méthodique et pragmatique et une relation coach/coachee personnalisée, j'ai pu initier une prise de conscience et développer des techniques à appliquer au quotidien (résilience, prise de décision, gestion de l'anxiété etc) pour une vision plus constructive et positive qui me sont bénéfiques autant au niveau professionnel que personnel. Melisa est un coach toujours disponible, à l'écoute des besoins mais aussi qui sait challenger et bousculer pour provoquer un réel changement.

  • Kerry Drent Avatar
    Kerry Drent

    I engaged Kelly for leadership coaching when I was transitioning into a more senior role. He provided invaluable support to help me achieve my professional and personal goals, build my confidence & resilience and be clear on what was important to me. His approach is relaxed, collaborative, insightful and results driven.

  • Stefan Evans Avatar
    Stefan Evans

    Really enjoyed the leadership coaching sessions with Kelly. Some practical and helpful guides to different situations around self awareness, growth, feedback and working effectively in a team environment. Some great tools to put in the tool belt and bring out in future interactions with others. Thanks again Kelly and appreciate the time together.

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