How do you create clarity, confidence, and momentum to get accelerated results in 2022?

Make 2022 the year that you
own your potential!

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The answer is simple, by planning and using our C4 Starter Pack.

The C4 Starter Pack will give you access to our 2022 Action Planner and our 2022 Head Start live training workshop to create your action plan and implement.

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The C4 Accelerator Programme Includes Everything You Need To Achieve Your Goals Faster

Are You Ready To Accelerate Your Year?

The C4 Accelerator is an 8 week live online, tailored coaching accelerator for ambitious professionals who are committed to change and owning their potential.

The 8 tailored modules are designed to enable massive momentum for you to gain clarity, traction and focus for achieving goals and projects faster and easier.

It’s personalised formula for you filled with customised feedback, extreme accountability, and systematic support to keep you laser-focused and executing every single week on the right thing for your growth right now

What To Expect From The Programme


Developing absolute clarity of where you are now, your vision and why it’s important to you.

Uncovering and locking in your ‘Why’ – this is your inner rocket fuel!


Taking back full control of your life so you have your hands on the steering wheel rather than being a passenger.


Creating fresh new and exciting choices in your world with you making the choices for you and your life.


Backing yourself with 100% inner certainty to move forward with confidence to create a new trajectory.

Bonus Life Time Access!

In addition to your live training, all the training materials are also available online, so you can learn at your own pace, on the go, at work or at home.
You have lifetime access to all the material, so you can choose to rewatch any of the new skills and tools anytime you want.

Check out these inspiring results from some of our C4 Accelerator members

C4 Accelerator gives you access to:

Action Plan

You’ll clarify exactly what your action plan is, so you can eliminate distractions and procrastinations slowing you down. This will create even more confidence, discipline and focus in terms of how you’re showing up and the results you’re getting


You’ll reach new levels of accountability to take action and implement, so we can double your output in 60 days. This extreme accountability is what creates the biggest wins for our members, most often around confidence, efficiency and time freed up in their calendar.


You’ll be part of a community of committed, high integrity, and motivated people, so you’re not going it alone, you’ll always have support to help. (85% of people in the first cohort said the community was their greatest surprise, and one of their favorite aspects of the programme.)

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Accelerate Your Progress

The C4 Accelerator is a personalised, real time 8 week coaching accelerator for people committed to change and levelling up. It’s specifically designed for implementing, action and real results, not just learning.

Each module includes skills, tools, templates, goals challenges, and live training to create your powerful action plan to reach your goals quicker and faster.



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Questions We Get Asked That You Might Also Be Wondering

No question is too big or small. Read through some of the most common questions that we get asked below. If there’s something we haven’t covered, please reach out to us via email, or phone us at +64 (0) 27 555 5907 so we can help you make the best decision.
What can I expect the programme to be like?
The programme is be supportive, affirming and challenging with a focus on applying your new skills to achieve real results.
What if now is not the right time or I don't have enough time?

Truth bomb – it will never be the perfect time to start.  The question to ask yourself is – Have you had enough of the things that aren’t working and is creating the future you want with a new trajectory and altitude a priority for you?

Is success guaranteed?
If you show up, follow the blueprint and put in the work we are 100% positive you will achieve results.  The programme has a focus on empowering you with your full ownership and accountability.  Like the saying goes ‘Buying a gym membership won’t give you abs, using the gym membership will give you abs!’.
Can anyone join?

No, acceptance on the programme is by application only. One of the key pillars of what makes the programme so successful is our community. We ensure only people who are motivated and committed to their goals are on board so you build the skills to operate at a higher level.

Is there a lot of theory on the programme?

No, the C4 programme is not heavy on theory. The programme is backed by neuroscience, psychology, performance coaching, developmental coaching and more but we’re not teaching theory. The focus is on uploading and applying new skills to make real progress with your goals.

What happens after I enroll?

1. Once your place is confirmed you’ll receive your:

  • Welcome pack with your welcome information, Daily Growth Journal, and other goodies
  • Link for your Accelerated Growth Personality profile and report
  • Goals planner to start being clear on your 30 day goals and your programme goals
  • Access to the member’s area with the training modules and resources

2. We’ll book in your Blast Off 1:1 Coaching session with your coach to identify your high value goals and roadmap for the programme

If You’ve Read This Far, You Owe It To Yourself, Your Family And Your Future To Seriously Ask Yourself These Questions…

  • What is the impact of running your life/career/business the way you have been?
  • What are the consequences of being stressed and worrying about a million things or the cost of spending frantic days juggling balls and putting out fires?
  • What is it worth to stay trapped in that cycle? When will enough be enough?
  • What are the costs of not doing anything and nothing changes?


  • Have you decided it’s time to make a change?
  • What are your big goals that will make a real, meaningful difference in your life?
  • What if just one strategy, new skill or piece of advice that you learn helps you to get more done, in less time, with less stress? Leaving you with spare hours every week to make more of an impact and enjoying life fully?
  • How long do you want to wait?

You’re Protected With Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

The C4 Accelerator is consistently proven to work so I’m extremely confident that if you show up, follow the system and do the work, you’ll see incredible results and I back that up with my risk-free guarantee.

If for whatever reason you’re the rare person that does NOT make a notable change within 30 days, we’ll give you a full refund.

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