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Make New Mistakes to Make Progress!

Most of us don’t want to make mistakes. They’re uncomfortable, we can find them embarrassing and if you’re a high achiever making mistakes isn’t being perfect!

Anxiety – It’s a Doing Process
What’s the difference between thriving under pressure or losing sleep with worry? Resilience! There’s a recipe for resilience.
Reslience Hack 3
The risk of digging a big hole of negative ‘what if’s’ is a possibility to get trapped in there. See the Resilience Mindset Hack to avoid the trap!

Real People Achieving Real Results

I have been working with Kelly for a number of years, both as a business coach and in the C4 program. These sessions have been invaluable to me, during Covid... read more

Kiela-lee Wilson Avatar
Kiela-lee Wilson

I did the C4 Accelerator Course which is a series of powerful, practical tools and modules which can be used to change any area of your life. Taught by Kelly,... read more

Hamish Macdonald Avatar
Hamish Macdonald

I was going through a period of quite big change when I came across Pure Results. There were areas of my life that deserved closer examination. The individual coaching sessions... read more

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Daniel Mar