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You Can Do It

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Where in your life are you thinking ‘It’s too hard’ or ‘It can’t be done’? 👎 Be clear on your vision and what’s truly important to you 💎 ❤️ 🌟…

Facing the Fear

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Finally facing the fear to stop procrastinating and post a video blog every day for 30 days! What are you procrastinating about? What ‘old fears’ are holding you back from…

Harness Your Full Confidence to Influence

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Confidence is something you can’t buy, you can’t bottle it and if you’ve got it, it’s a big advantage to you. Whether you have it or not, confidence makes all…

Relationship Happiness Braving the Stormy Seas to Achieve the

Relationship Happiness: Braving the Stormy Seas to Achieve the Impossible

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Julie was cold and alone in a dark and stormy ocean.  She was desperately treading water but each new wave threatened to take her last breath away.  The more she…

Assertive Communication

Assertive Communication – Standing Strong in Your Own World

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Communication, there’s no escaping it. It’s the main way we connect, with everyone.  But how do you stand strong in your own world while respecting others?   Even not speaking…

Communication Frustration? How To Find The Win/Win Solutions

Communication Frustration? How to Find the Win/Win Solutions

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Julie felt mad.  No……she felt steaming mad!  How many times did she need to have this ‘discussion’ with her boss Mike?  You could almost see the steam rising from her…

5 Steps To Find Your True Courage

5 Steps to Find Your True Courage

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I recently saw a story that made me stop and take a good look at what I was complaining about. Eight year old Bailey Matthews has cerebral palsy. This makes…

Change Your Story To Write A Better Future

Change Your Story to Write a Better Future

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I couldn’t. I can’t do that. I’m not good at that. I’ll never be able to be the person who can do that. They’ll laugh at me. I’m a fraud….

5 Tips on How to Live beyond Failure

5 Tips on How to Live beyond Failure

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Failure! What a heavy word! It sounds so final. I’m a failure, I’ll fail, I knew I’d fail. It takes me straight back to those school days when I dropped…

Perfection Torture? – 5 Ways to Tame Your Perfectionist Tyrant

Perfection Torture? – 5 Ways to Tame Your Perfectionist Tyrant

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Neil got results, he was a high achiever.  He knew it and everyone around him knew it.  He was the one who arrived 5 minutes early to the meeting and…